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I give employers prompt answers to employment law compliance questions; help them resolve difficult personnel issues; and draft their employee handbooks, policies, and agreements. Over the past 30 years, I have advised many different types of businesses, large and small, including manufacturing and service businesses, medical practices, nursing homes, retailers, personnel agencies, banks, restaurant chains and non profits. Many of my employer clients have used me as their employment attorney year after year for 10-20+ years. My clients have told me:
"You are always so very helpful to us in determining what course of action we should follow!"
"I love that I can get you on the phone right away and get an answer to my problem the same day."
"I have never experienced such responsiveness in an attorney!"

Reasonable cost: I choose to practice outside of Boston, in the Route 128 area, and keep my billing rate as reasonable as I can. My hourly billing rate is significantly less than the average rate charged for attorneys of comparable expertise and experience in the Boston area.

Medical expertise: Because I defended doctors and nurses in medical malpractice cases for many years, I know many of the specialized requirements that apply to medical workplaces (eg, patient privacy, peer review, Board of Registration). This knowledge may make me a good choice to serve as an employment attorney to a medical practice or other medical provider.

Among the services I can provide to you as an employer are:
  • Giving prompt and reliable answers to difficult personnel and employment law compliance questions, so that you can feel confident that you are handling such matters correctly, minimizing the risk of expensive litigation or governmental prosecution. I have focused on employment law for more than 25 years, and keep current on new developments, so I can answer many questions without needing to spend time on research. It is very important to me to answer my clients questions promptly, usually the same day they call me.
  • Assisting employers in complying with new Pay Equity and Pregnancy Accommodation laws
  • Helping ensure that departing employees do not appropriate, in their new employment, your confidential business information, trade secrets and customers. I draft noncompetition and nondisclosure agreements, as well as nonsolicitation agreements that prohibit departing employees from soliciting your customers and employees.
  • Drafting and periodically updating your employee handbooks, policies, forms and procedures, ensuring that they maximally protect your business and are compliant with all applicable laws
  • Protecting your business with properly drafted employment agreements, job offer letters, commissions payment policies, and severance agreements.
  • Explaining how to conduct and document employee discipline, terminations and layoffs so as to comply with all applicable laws and minimize legal risk.
  • Explaining the "dos and don'ts" of the hiring and background checking process.
  • Helping you correctly comply with all leave laws, such as Paid Sick Time, FMLA, disability, parental
  • Helping you determine whether a worker can lawfully be classified as an independent contractor, and drafting independent contractor agreements for those who qualify
  • Ensuring that you are correctly complying with laws regarding employee travel time and meal time
  • Advising how to protect your business from discrimination and harassment complaints: providing the written policies you need and helping you investigate any such complaints that may arise


"You have been really great for my company. You are very professional, knowledgeable, easy to speak with and prompt."


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